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Celaya, the name of the city means "Flat land" because of its geographical location in the Mexican Bajio from the north to the southwest of the Lerma river.
Celaya is an industrial and traditional city famous for the Cajeta de Celaya (a type of caramel) made with brown sugar, cinnamon, and goat's milk. It's slightly different to "Dulce de Leche" another famous Mexican Candy.
There are various types of “cajeta”, depending on the preparation techniques and the extra ingredients added. For example, "cajeta quemada" (burnt caramel), is the most traditional form, then there is "cajeta envinada", which has liquor added. Other types are made with vanilla, pecans, raisins, pine nuts, almonds and strawberries. Other products made in the shops and small factories in the city are cajeta toffees, afers, lollypops, liquors, etc.

One specialty from the region is the famous. "Gorditas de Tierras Negras", they are made with corn flour and filled with "migajas" (leftovers from pork "carnitas") or with cheese and guajillo chili. Other delicious diches have also been incorporated to its traditional cuisine.