Holiday Inn & Suites Aguascalientes

Tourist Attractions and Activities

Aguascalientes is a charm place to stay and visit the Historical Center of the city, enjoy the colonial architecture of Cathedral of Aguascalientes, the Palace of Government and the Temple of San Marcos.

A trip to the past you can find in the Museum of History of Aguascalientes, visit the Museum of Death with funeral art is exhibited since the pre-Columbian times to our days and the Guadalupe Posada Museum. Visit the Tres Centurias Railway Complex where the ex-railroad and the round house are located. Explore the three Magic Towns: Calvillo, San José de Gracia and Real de Asientos.

On April and May the National Fair of San Marcos the largest fair in Mexico or go through traditional neighborhoods from the city on the tourist bus. Do not forget to visit the vineyards to enjoy Mexican vines and beautiful landscapes-