The Club at Presidente

Customer Privacy Policy

In accordance with Article 17, Fraction II of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals we inform you that Grupo Presidente (the “Responsible”), domiciled in Av. Ejército Nacional Mexicano #769 Torre B Piso 8 Col. Granada. Del. Miguel Hidalgo. CDMX CP, will manage personal data obtained from you for the following purposes:

  • Send you promotions from THE CLUB AT PRESIDENTE (Contracted members only).
  • For advertising or commercial prospecting purposes;
  • Information on the services that the Responsible provides you with.

Therefore and for achieving the purposes above, the following personal data will be processed: name, phone, company and email.

Responsible for has appointed a manager of personal data (the “Privacy Officer”), so you can limit the use or disclosure of your personal data through communication addressed to the Privacy Officer at the following email address: (the “Contact Email”).

Likewise, from January 6, 2012, you are entitled to: (i) access to your personal data in our possession and to details of the management thereof, (ii) rectify it if inaccurate or incomplete, (iii) delete it when you consider that it is not required for any of the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice, that it is being used for purposes not consented, or if the contractual or service relationship is finished, or (iv) oppose to its processing for specific purposes, according to prescribed by law (together The “Rights Arco”).

To revoke your consent to the management of your personal data by the Responsible and the exercise of your rights, you must submit a request (the “Request ARCO”), which shall be sent to the Privacy Officer, to the Contact Email, accompanied by the following information and documentation:

I. Your name, address and email in order to comunicate to you the answer to the Arc request;

II. Documents evidencing your identity (copy of IFE, passport or any other official identification) or, documents evidencing your legal representation;

III. A description clear and precise of personal data for which you are looking for excercising any of the Rights Arco;

IV. Any document or information which facilitates the location of your personal data;

V. If you request a correction of data, must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide documentation to support your request, and;

VI. The indication of the place where the Responsible may revise the original documentation you attach.

The Privacy Officer will respond to your Request ARCO and the reasons for your decision via e-mail within a maximum period of 20 working days from the day on which your Request Arco was received. In the event that the Request ARCO is answered either affirmative or from, requested changes will be made within a maximum of 15 working days. The deadlines referred to in this paragraph may be extended only once by an equal period if necessary.

The Responsible may deny access (the “Refusal”) so that you exercise your Rights Arco under the following circumstances:

I. If you are not the owner of the personal data, or you can not prove the representation of the holder;

II. your personal data do not appear in the database of the Responsible;

III. When the rights of a third party are injured;

IV. When there is a legal impediment or resolution of a competent authority which restricts your Rights, and;

V. When the rectification, cancellation or opposition has been previously done.

The Refusal may be partial, in which case the Responsible shall make the access, rectification, cancellation or opposition in the share originating.

The exercise of the Rights Arco will be free, but if you reiterates you request in one period of less than 12 months, the costs will be of one to three days of the General Minimum Wage, current in the Federal District, more VAT, unless there are substantial changes to the privacy notice to motivate new Requests Arco. You shall cover justified shipping costs or the cost of reproduction in copies or other formats.

We inform you that your personal data may be transferred within and outside the country, to any third party other than Responsible, consistent with the purpose of the processing of the data and the legal nature of the relationship between you and the Responsible. E.g. the Responsible will transfer your data to other companies in the Group and outside the group or companies and associations within and outside of the industry. In addition, Responsible may transfer your personal data to his affiliated persons for purposes of marketing, corporate image and services.

The Responsible reserves the rights to make changes or updates to this privacy notice on the understanding that any change to the same will be communicated to you through the publication of a notice in the Responsible’s Internet page at any time, so, please check it frequently.

In case that a violation of security occurs at any stage of the processing of personal data affecting significantly its property or moral rights, the Privacy Officer will communicate immediately by Email the event of violation of security, so that you can take appropriate measures for the defense of your rights. In case of not having your Email, the notification will be published in the Responsible’s Internet page.