Presidente InterContinental Puebla

Tourist Attractions and Activities

Puebla de Zaragoza, the city of angels is the perfect blend of history, tradition, art and legend; also, modern and incredible natural views of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl volcanoes. If you go sightseeing you may start in downtown to the Plaza de Armas, el Palacio del Arzobispado and the unique Palafoxiana library with books printed since 1646. Santo Domingo church keeps inside one of the most beautiful example of the baroque art La Capilla del Rosario with a thousand figures and reliefs covered with leaves of gold.
In El Parian you may find all kinds of handcrafts full of color. El barrio de Santa Clara is a kind of candy town because there are a lot of small stores where Mexican traditional candies are produced. Treat yourself to camotes, jamoncillos made of milk with sugar and almonds and the unparalleled tortitas de Santa Clara. If you want to have fun, you may visit Puebla in May where the 5 de Mayo international fair is celebrated with civic and cultural activities.

Discover a lot of small towns with incredible landscapes, archaeological sites and more. Tours available with the Concierge.